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Why do i keep getting a stye in my eye?

Eye stye come and go to me. I feel really troublesome. Do you know why? Why i keep getting a stye? What can i do to prevent it?
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  • emily_xoox


    Eye stye usually caused by eye infection at the base of an eyelash, or under inside the eyelids. In fact, eye stye is painful and red bump. So, it affect our image if we suffered from it. And so sorry to heard that you got such eye stye. To cure it, you'd better consult an doctor for a prescribe medication. Since you keep getting stye now and then, you'd better take care of your eyes. You shall keep your eyes far from eye makeup such as eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara etc. Because those eye makeups may irritate your eyelids that develop to stye. Hope this can help you.
  • eeniemeenie005


    You can treat your stye with warm, moist compresses to reduce pain and redness of the eyelids. And the stye can be caused by bacteria, and chronic inflammation. So, people may get stye by touch eyelids with unwashed hands. So, to prevent your eyes from stye, you shall take care of your eyes and do not touch your eyes and eyelids with unwashed hands.