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Is there a cure for crossed eyes?

How can i treat crossed eyes? Can it be cured? How?
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  • Robert Potter


    Yes, it can be cured. You can choose the most suitable treatment according to your own situation. There are a few treatment options for you. The following treatments can help to improve eye alignment and coordination. You can choose the one that fits you best according to your own problem. 1.Eyeglasses or contact lenses This solution is for the patients with uncorrected farsightedness. The patients with accommodative esotropia only need this treatment to be cured. As long as their presbyopia is corrected, eyes can become straight. 2.Prism lenses This method works well with less serious cases.The prisms change the light entering the eye and reduce the amount of turning the eye has to do to look at objects. Sometimes the prisms are able to fully compensate for and eliminate the eye turning. 3.Vision therapy This is a structured program of visual activities prescribed to improve eye coordination and eye focusing abilities. Vision therapy trains the eyes and brain to work together more effectively. These eye exercises help remediate deficiencies in eye movement, eye focusing and eye teaming and reinforce the eye-brain connection. 4. Acupuncture This one works well with paralytic strabismus and concomitant strabismus. P.S. only vision therapy and eye muscle surgery can change the look of your eyes.
  • Kathleen


    Crossed eyes can be cured. You should start the treatment as early as possible. If your crossed eyes are caused by an uncorrected farsightedness, you can wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to treat the crossed eyes. Injected medication or Botox can help your eyes to focus by relaxing the contracted muscles in your eyes. Surgery, though expensive and risky, has a high chance of success in straightening and realigning eye muscles. Patching the better-seeing eye is also an effective therapy by strengthening the weakened eye. You can choose one treatment or a combination of treatments. Finally, I suggest you not delay the treatment of crossed eyes, or the crossed eyes will become lazy eyes and even blindness.
  • Nadine


    First, I think it is very important to talk about the formation of the crossed eyes, which should start from the muscles and nerves that control the movement of the eyes. At the surface of the eyeballs, there are 6 extraocular muscles. Usually, under the control of nerves, they work coordinately. That’s if why normal person watch things at the left side, their eyeballs will move to the left side together. Watch things at right side, eyeballs move to the right side. However, if the muscles lose their balance, and the nerves are numb, crossed eyes may happen. So if people do not cure their crossed eyes in time, the numbness of muscles and nerves may not be healthy again. To cure crossed eyes, you need to consult your doctor. Generally speaking, you can have a professional pair of glasses to correct the crossed eyes or do an operation.

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