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Isabelle duncan


Can i wear contacts while running?

I heard that people wearing contact lenses are not recommended to do some rough sports activities. So, I wonder can i wear contact lenses while running. Can i play soccer with them? or any other sports?
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  • cazik


    I think you can wear the contact lenses while running. However, it is not suitable to wear contact lenses while playing soccer. Because you may be knocked down by another person, the contact lenses may be fallen down from the eyes. You should keep in mind that not wearing contact lenses especially in the activities like skating, skiing, bungie jump.
  • Charles Joseph


    Yes, of course, you can do it. Because of their soft lenses, it will be safer than the normal eyeglasses. As you know that they have many advantages. First, it will not get infected easily. Second, they will not slide down your nose. Also, they can not make you get hurt like the eyeglasses which are easy to break. In other words, contact lenses can free you from some of the problems associated with eyeglasses. On the other hand, you should pay attention to your sweat which can do harm to the contact lenses.