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Nathan harris


Can allergies cause high eye pressure?

Will eye allergy lead to high eye pressure? Or what will cause the high eye pressure?
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  • elmos_world_05


    Yes, the eye allergy will cause the high eye pressure. In addition, the eyes infection will also cause the high eye pressure too. You should protect the eyes very much. Or else, the high eye pressure may be the main reason for the glaucoma. You'd better have the diet, rest and so on for the eyes. You may use the eyes drops to release the symptom of the eyes.
  • Noah rupert


    No, eye allergy would not directly lead to high eye pressure. High eye pressure, in another word ocular hypertension, is normally related to excessive aqueous humor production and inadequate aqueous humor drainage. Eye allergy could cause inflammation in eyes, but the reaction usually goes quickly after the patient get out of touching with the allergen. As long as if the inflammation can clear out soon, it should OK. But long term of inflammation in eye might cause dysfunction of ciliary body and production of aqueous humor, then it might increase the ocular pressure. There are many possible causes of high eye pressure, for example trauma to eyes, some certain medication and eye conditions. Some daily action would increase eye pressure temporarily, for example, crying, coughing, sneezing, weight lifting, smoking and taking caffeine.