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Can allergies cause droopy eyelids?

Is it possible to lead to eye allergy because of droopy eyelids? If so, what should i do to avoid it?
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  • claire_lew


    Yes, it is possible for you to get droopy eyelids because of eye allergy. When you get eye allergy, your eyes surrounding skin may easily get dry. You may get high possibility of getting droopy eyelids. You could often use the oil essentials to make the skin around the eyes become smooth. In addition, you could do the warm compress to release the eye allergy.
  • Hunter rose


    Droopy eyelids is also called lazy eye, refering to the extremely low position of upper eyelids. The droopy eyelids might be congenital or age-related. As time goes by, the upper eyelids might cover the eyeball so the vision might be impacted. In some cases, amblyopia might be resulted. While eye allergy is triggered by touching with certain allergen. The allergic reaction might make the eye red, watery and gritty, with swollen eyelids. To avoid eye allergy, you should get away from possible allergens, like pollen, dusts or pets. Once you feel you might get an eye allergy, you should flush your eyes with water at once to wash the allergens out. Get fresh air with a air purifier to filter possible allergens, especially during the changing of seasons. As to droopy eyelids, so far the only effective way is surgery to get the extra tissue removed from the eyelids.

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