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How can I take good care of my rimless glasses?

I have a rimless glasses. I've heard that rimless glasses are easy to get broken. What should I do to take good care of my rimless glasses? Can you give me some suggestions?
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  • Michelle


    A good way for taking good care of rimless eyeglass is to put thce frameless glasses in a protective case whenever they are not in use. When taking off the rimless eyeglass from face, use two hands. One-handedness is not a good habit which will break and crook the rimless eyewear easily. Always keep in mind frameless glasses require more delicate care than regular frames.
  • Noah rupert


    If you have rimless glasses, you should often check with the screws to see whether they are loose. If the screws are loose, you should tighten them in time in case they are lost and make the glasses broken. When you don't use them, you should put them in its case.
  • Alexia charles


    You can't wear rimless glasses to do strenuous exercises because they are easy to get broken and hurt your eyes during the exercises. If the rimless glasses lens is plastic, try not to rub the lens. You can rinse the lenses with water and let them air-dry or dry them with clean, soft cloth.
  • chatter_box505


    rimless glasses can get broken easily because the screws sit directly on the lenses, so you need to tighten your glasses regularly so that they would not get loosed. when you are not using them, put them in their case. Stuffing them in a pocket or purse is an invitation to scratching or other serious damage.