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Can I wear Ortho-k lenses if I have dry eyes?

I have dry eyes and I wonder if I can wear Ortho-k lenses. Will it cause any discomfort?
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  • Mark Cosgrove


    Dry eye syndrome has become increasingly prevalent over the past ten years as people spend more time indoors where air-conditioning systems remove moisture from the air. Additionally, the substantially greater time spent staring at PCs, TVs, smartphones and gaming devices reduces blink rates by up to 80% thus dramatically reducing tear flow to the surface of the eyes. Other common causes of dry eye include the aging process, wearing contact lenses, hormone levels, menopause, birth control, diabetes, environmental factors like allergies, wind, and dry climate, medications, and heavy computer usage. Thus dry eye syndrome has become one of the most common eye health issues and led to the development of a major market for proposed remedies yet it is unclear that any one product offers the best solution.

    Additionally, increasing numbers of people are affected by allergies including the seasonal effects of hay fever which can make it almost impossible to continue wearing daytime contact lenses. This is where ortho-k contact lenses for dry eyes may offer a new solution since these lenses are only worn overnight when sleeping then removed next morning to give clear natural vision all day long.

    Since ortho-k lenses are only worn at night while you sleep, dry eye and allergy sufferers may experience relief due to unrestricted tear flow during waking hours. Visit for more information on iSee Ortho-k lenses.
  • Brandon


    Of course you can. People with dry eyes can't wear conventional contact lenses. However, they can wear Ortho-k lenses which won't make them feel uncomfortable. However, people with severely dry eyes should have them treated first before the OrthoK treatment.
  • Erin rupert


    There is no easy answer to this question; however, many people with dry eyes do better with Ortho-k than other contact lens modalities because the lenses are only worn when sleeping. Your doctor might need to treat your dry eye either before or concurrently with your Ortho-k treatment to ensure you get good results.

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