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Jackson percy


Where to find best pair of computer glasses?

I'm looking to buy a pair of computer glasses and would like to know a good quality brand of computer glasses that work. Any info about computer glasses as well would be helpful.
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  • Caroline griffin


    Now that computer glasses are based on your prescription, they are not ready made, so there is no best brand.The computer glasses are made to about 2/3 of your reading power to give you that extra distance to bring the monitor into focus. So, computer glasses only work if you need them to give you that specific focal distance. So just choose the computer glasses that suit you properly.
  • cherrytop7


    Ok, I can see that you would like to get something to protect your eyes from those harmful radiations, and it is true those glasses are called radiation protective glasses, which could resist a lot of radiation from computer screens. Indeed there are many options out there for you. However, I would like to recommend Black Wraparound X-ray Radiation Protection Lead Glasses to you, which is of great quality and price. Hope you find them amazing, they are available at Amazon.

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