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Savannah scott


Will working on computer/reading with my glasses make my eyes worse?

I recently got a pair of glasses to correct my short-sightedness, and they work phenomenally well... but I'm just wondering: if I keep them on when I'm doing close-up work like reading or going on the computer, will my eyes get worse? I'm an author, so I'm on the computer quite a lot. It's easier to keep my glasses on, but I sure don't want to ruin my eyes even more!
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  • Tyler bell


    It will not ruin your eyes if they work well when you wear them. Some people get a special pair of glasses for the computer which are called comouter glasses. They are designed for middle distance. If you use your recent glasses to read or use on the computer, make sure you can see clearly with them on. If they make things blurry when you use them to read or on the computer, you shouldn't wear your current glasses and need to get a new pair of computer glasses.