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Mackenzie quick


Which are better for computer use, contacts or glasses?

I don't like to wear glasses but my contacts don't seem to be quite as clear.
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  • Jordyn harris


    That mainly depends on personal preference. Some people prefer wearing glasses while using a computer, while some people like wearing contacts better. If your contacts make you see unclearly, I think it's because we stare at the screen so long and don't blink as often as we can, so our contacts start to get dried out. In this case, just try using eye drops periodically while on the computer and see if it helps. They will make your contacts and eyes moist.
  • Theresa M


    computer glasses are recommended. If you often wear contacts to see computer screen, it is likely cause dry eyes. When focus on computer screen with contacts, the reflective lights of computer will increase the evaporation of water in eyes thus to cause your eyes dehydration, thereby dry your eyes. If you often let your eyes in such condition, it will develop to dry eyes.

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