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Why is dietary vitamin A good for eyesight?

I have a mild myopia. I heard that vitamin A is good for our eyesight. I want to have a try. Can you tell me how does it work?
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  • Caleb


    Yes, vitamin A is good for our eyesight. Vitamin A can help to form the rhodopsin. Lack of rhodopsin will lead to night blindness. Vitamin A plays an important role in the visual cycle which is specifically related to the retinal form. As you are just the mild myopia, you can improve your eyesight by taking enough vitamin A.
  • emale2222


    Vitamin A, which forms the visual purple and visual violet of the rods and cones of the retina, is an important element for rhodopsin. Some conjugated proteins need it too. It can prevents eye dryness and further prevent the happening of an eye disease which can be called xerophthalmia. This disease will lead to cloudiness of the eye and swollen eyelids. But vitamin A can prevent it so take enough vitamin A every day.

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