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Why do my eyes start burning at night?

I feel strange that my eyes sometimes start burning at night, is that normal? Do I need to see an eye doctor? Or what can I do to relieve this symptom at home?
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  • eddy


    At most time, after a whole day using of eyes, people may feel eyes tired in the night. But if your eyes are extremely uncomfortable such as having the feeling as burning, you should take more care of it. Dry eye, inflammation, and eye corneal epithelial wound are very possible to cause visual fatigue, and lacking of tears nourish eyes would be more sensitive to outside stimuli, these will lead to burning eyes. It is recommend you have a good rest, and basically for a long time would be better the next day.
  • Luis williams


    I guess you must be too tired during the day. Usually, people using too much computer, seeing too much TV, or playing too much video games can cause burning eyes. If above factors are the cause of your burning eyes at night, you needn't see a doctor. Just get a good rest and have a good sleep, you will recovery the next day, Or you can wash your eyes with cold water that can also help the eyes. Also, burning eyes can also be caused by infection and allergies, If you do, you shall use some eye drops to help the eyes.
  • cheryl


    It is possible that you have been using your eyes too much, making the optical nerves and muscles get very intense and tired, so the eyes will burn at night. It is better for you to see an eye doctor so as to get correspondent treatment. You should first of all not use your eyes too much. Pay attention to have a rest every other hour of reading or staring at the computer screen. Apply some anti-fatigue eye drops to reduce the feel of eye burning and do some eye exercises by massaging the closed eyes.