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Does wearing contact lenses worsen eyesight?

It is said that wearing contacts can worsen eyesight, is that true? What can I do to relieve this?
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  • Isabel fergus


    Wearing contact lenses is the same as you wearing eyeglasses. Some people take them as necessary fashion items. But they are tool to help you see better. And they can't make your eyesight worse themselves. But compared eyeglasses, contact lenses is easy to cause damages to the cornea in the eyes. Besides, since the lenses is direct contact lenses, you shall be very careful to clean it, Or it may cause eye infection. From this point, wearing contact lenses is more risks than wearing eyeglasses.
  • Jordan


    I think no matter what it is, contact lenses or glasses, neither can guarantee that vision is no longer falling. If your vision has declined after you wear contact lenses, it does not mean it is contact lenses that affect your vision, it has something to do with the usual eye using. For many owners of a stable degree, wearing contact lenses will not worsen eyesight. But on the other hand, improper wearing of contact lenses have an impact on vision, contact lens wear for too long can cause corneal edema, at the same time, improper care easily lead to eye infections.
  • Catherine


    As long as you are diagnosed by the ophthalmologist that you are suitable to wear eye contacts and as long as you always conform to the correct usage of the eye contacts, wearing the eye contacts will not easily worsen your eyesight. First of all, your age should be between 18 and 44 years old. Then the doctor will examined to see whether your eye condition can be suitable to wear contacts. If you are highly nearsighted, it may not be good for you to wear eye contacts. And if you can wear eye contacts, then you should pay attention to wear them in the right way and do not wear them for more than eight hours a day. And it is better not to wear the contacts every day. Besides, doing good hygiene of the eyes as well as the contacts is very important too. If necessary, you can apply some eye drops to reduce the fatigue or dry eyes.

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