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Kimberly quick


Is canola oil bad for your eyes?

Will canola oil bad for my eyes? Will I go blind if I happen to get it in my eyes? Do you know that?
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  • Justin williams


    It will not make your eyes go blind if you happen to get the canola oil into your eyes, as long as you wash the eyes clean in time. You should use plenty of clean flowing water to wash clean your eyes as soon as possible, and then apply some antibiotic eye drops into your eyes and get some good rest. If you still feel very uncomfortable in your eyes, you had better go to the doctor's for an examination to see if there is any problems in your eyes.
  • Alexander


    Canola oil is no good for your eyes. Canola oil is from rape seed which is the most poisonous oil plant. Actually, the canola oil itself is not a very health food. If people eat too much canola oil, they will suffer from abnormal vision conditions such as retinitis and macula lutea degeneration. Canola oil results in oxygen deficiency, sodium toxicity and waste accumulation, which kills the mitochondria in the posterior eye cells. And this eventually causes glaucoma. Besides, canola oil will cause damage to human body. If people include the canola oil in their diet, they will have fatty degeneration of heart, kidney, adrenals and thyroid gland. However, after the canola oil is removed from the diet, the deposits will dissolve. But there is scar tissue left on the organs. Immune system can be depressed by canola oil. The large amount of glycosides in the canola oil can also block enzyme function, which leads to various health problems.