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Luis williams


Can astigmatism cause visual snow?

My son has got astigmatism for a long time. He has complained to me that he has got visual snow these days. Do I need to worry about that? Can astigmatism cause visual snow?
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  • Daniel christian


    Well, in my opinion, astigmatism can just lead to visual snow in some degree. And that can be kind of annoying and dangerous. Generally speaking, astigmatism is merely a visual condition of the eye that is caused by its shape. According to some experts, astigmatism can result in an eye that has two different powers, and also it splits the focus point into two different partial focus points. Because of that, blurry vision can be possible. Also, vision snow, which is like static in parts of or the whole of your visual field, can just occur too. Because of that, some visual disturbances such as starbursts, increased afterimages, floaters, trails will be possible. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Alexander david


    Astigmatism is an eye condition with blurred vision at all distances as its main symptom. People with undetected astigmatism may also lead to visional snow. That's why your children see snow or television-like static,especially against dark backgrounds. Besides, astigmatism may also result in other eye discomforts, such as fatigue and eyestrain, photophobia, headaches and squinting. But don't worry about that, because astigmatism is a common eye condition that can be easily corrected and treated. Almost all degrees of astigmatism can be corrected with properly prescribed eyeglasses, contact lenses, refractive or laser eye surgery. So wish you good luck !

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