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Aaron may


What is good for allergy eyes?

I have got allergy eyes for years and I don' t think there could be a way to cure them. But I really want to improve this situation. Do you guys know anything good for my allergy eyes?
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  • Alexa joyce


    Don't worry, allergy eye can be cured in someway. If you not sure what cause your eye allergies. you can use eye drops to help you relieve your eyes. Usually, eye drops can be used to wash your eyes. Also, you can use some Over-the-counter and prescription medications with the guide of your eye doctor. Anyway, if you want to cure the allergy eyes, you'd better see a eye doctor and have an eye check so as to treat it in the right way.
  • copyofme


    First of all, since you have got allergy eyes for so long a time, it is very possible that you live or work in an environment where there are many allergens which can make your eyes allergic. You should consult your doctors about what exactly kind of eye allergy is and then find out the allergens and get rid of them. Secondly, this is also possible that your eyes are too sensitive and lack strong immunity. You should eat more vegetables and fruits as well dairy products and fish and do more moderate sports to enhance your immunity. But also you should pay attention to allow your eyes to get adequate rest and sleep so as to make the eyes more active and healthy.
  • greg t


    The first and most impotent thing is to find out what you are allergic to, once you determine it, you should immediately stop using or touch such things. You can take a temporary treatment with cold wet packing of local application of saline, usually within a few days later the symptoms will have a noticeable relief of phenomenon. If the allergy is mild, that is, red and swollen not obvious that you can take some vitamin C tablets. Another thing you should take notice is that you had better avoid eating high protein foods such as milk, fish, shrimp, and so on, these are all inducing matter which will aggravate allergies.