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Luis lewis


How to make my eyes look more exotic?

I want to look in a exotic way. Can you tell me how to makeup my eyes?
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  • elblancodiablo


    It seems that you are eager to make your eyes appear more attractive to people. So, doing some eye makeup can help you achieve this goal. On the other hand, you can also try to buy some colored contact lenses which are able to get any color you wish to have. Just visit some e-commerce websites and type in colored contacts and you will see lots of options. And please don't forget to neglect the quality of the contacts.
  • evet


    Aha! I guess you are a beautiful girl or a handsome boy who would love to chase the step of fashion. Yes, there actually has some way to make you look in a exotic way. I do not know the colors of your eyes, change the color of your pupil is a fast way to make your eyes exotic. Have you heared the color contacts? Blue, purple, brown, even dark yellow, they are very splendid! Which will you prefer? Choose one to wear for the decoration of your eyes. Or you can make up, dark eyes shadow will give your the impression of exotic. Maybe change your skin color by BB cream on your face will be the same function too! You can have a try, to see which suit you most.
  • Zachary eddy


    Hello, when you deal with eye color,use lighter shades for daytime and heavier shades at night.At daytime,add transparent glitter shadow to your lids and extend it just below your eyebrows.Besides, match your outfit and use colors that contrast with your eyes. Light pinks, blues, lavenders and yellows echo spring and summer colors in nature will make you look in a exotic way.

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