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Where to buy red glasses like russell westbrook ?

I like the red glasses like russell westbrook wearing. Can you tell me where can i get such red glasses? Thanks.
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  • Jacob adams


    Yeah, when russell westbrook first wore his red glasses in the conference , it was really novelty and cool. Now, a lot of people like buying this kind of glasses, it's really very popular. And this kind of red glasses are very popular for its nerd look. You may search this kind of red glasses online, I can give some stores online, such as, and also you can go to some stores like Walmart,Lescrafters or Specsavers to get them. I hope that make sense, good luck!
  • walkbyfth


    It seems that you are quite into Westbrook right. So, actually, there are more than one option from which to choose, since you want the type of glasses he wears, nerd glasses. Personally , I recommend Walmart to you, at their vision centers, you will find whatever you want and could ever imagine, at a good price. Just remember his type and head to their stores.
  • rommel abad


    Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook admits that his lenses are nonprescription. These distinctive red glasses are popular with many peolpe included glasses retailers. My friend told me that many retailers carry many latest red glasses like Russell Westbrook. And walmart is one of them, which stocks many red glasses. This site offers distinvtive and unique designers and high techology and good quality and superior materials.
  • Zoe


    Yeah, the red framed eyeglasses make russell westbrook look amazing. The red framed eyeglasses can attract people's attention and make people outstanding from a crowd. But this red eyeglasses are can easy be archived. Almost any types of eyeglasses shop can provide such red eyeglasses frame. You can have a look at local eyeglasses shop. If you can't find it, search them online, you are surely to get it.
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