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How can i get deodorant out my eye?

It is really terrible that i got deodorant into my eyes. What can i do to get the deodorant out of my eyes? Any idea?
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  • cthier


    The first thing you should do is pull your lids, and have running water flush your eyes. Keep doing this for about 3 minutes until the burn and pain relieved. Since you can barely open your eyes for the chemical irritated your eyes, you can get help from someone. You can put some ice on your lids to relieve the burning feeling of eyes. The redness will go off after a few minutes. The blurred vision will disappear. But if the redness doesn't go off, and you can feel severe pain, or have a fever without any other causes, I strongly recommend you to see a doctor for professional help and investigation. Because eyes are very weak, and easy to get hurt. Be careful with eyes. Hope you can feel better now.
  • Dip


    Oh, that's really terrible since deodorant is really very irritating to your eyes. You need to deal with it immediately and properly. My suggestions are as follows. First, go to a sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Turn on the water, make sure it is steady and has a proper temperature.Them put your eyes into the water, make the water come into and out of your eyes to whirl out of deodorant. Just keeping do this. Second, if your eyes are still red and uncomfortable after deodorant's coming out, you might have got some inflammation, go to see the doctor.
  • confused_withac


    It seems that your situation is quite terrible. So, my advice for you is to use some hot water to wash your eyes. However, remember not try to rub your eyes no matter how you feel, because that is dangerous. After that, try to buy some eye drops that can disinfect the bacteria. Generally speaking, it would take a few days before you recover, if not, go to get some professional treatment.
  • Connor nelson


    You probably gave your cornea or inner eyelid a chemical irritant or even a burn. The chemicals in deodorants vary brand to brand, and some also have antiperspirants in them, which are also chemically toxic to tissues in the eyes and eyelids. You should be certain you have removed all of the deodorant from your eye. Deodorants are designed to withstand ordinary moisture that would normally rinse the chemicals will notice that you actually have to use soap under your arms to wash deodorant off. Generally, on your own, the best thing to do with most foreign items that get into the eyes is rinse them out under the faucet. It makes them feel dry and hurts some to do that, but it usually is the best thing to do...unless the item's packaged warnings says not to rinse it. Provided you didn't do too much damage, the eye will generally heel within two or three days. The eye lids may take several days. If you have not regained your normal vision within a week, or you have any odd discharge whether it is discolored or perfectly clear (like the eye is weeping or matted over with mucus) you must see a doctor or you could lose the vision in that eye entirely.
  • kelis jordan


    use water it will buner but rub your eye and it will feel better
  • Jazmin


    Gather water in the palms of your hands then put your palms on your eyes and rinse your eyeballs 5 times then wet a towel and press down on both your eyes to relieve some pain then put ice cubes on your eyes and then sleep or take a nap
  • Caliyah


    No try putting a hot but to hot towel on your face and hold it for 5 mins

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