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Can eye strain cause blurred vision?

After longtime of continuous work, my eyes are strained and blurred vision. Can eye strain cause blurred vision?
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  • Angela


    As far as I know, sometimes people get tired because of heavy work load, or mental stress. Yes, indeed, continuous work without proper relaxation and rest could give rise to some problems, including blurred vision, since eye strain will lead to that. Without enough rest, your eyes will begin to function less efficiently. So my advice for you it to take some breaks at intervals and pay more attention to your health.
  • Audrey


    Yes, eye strain can cause blurred vision. People who work in front of computer often feel very eye strain. Intake a banana every day can rise to alleviate eye strain and blurred vision. Don't always stare at near objects, occasionally, you can look at a distance. Adjusting lens can effectively resolve
  • handxrxtied


    Yes, eye strain will probably cause blurred vision. Eyestrain is a common form of eye discomfort that can occur when the eyes tire after you have been doing a particular visual task for a prolonged period, such as spending several hours at the computer (More than half of the computer users experience eye strain and headache). Eyestrains refers to headache or discomfort around the eye. There are many reasons for eye strains. Besides of prolonged working, poor light, glare, contrast and vision problem are also the causes of eye strain. Don't over use your eyes, focusing your eyes for prolonged period. In most cases, if you feel eye strain, maybe the muscles that align the eyes are strained and need a break or maybe you need a new pair of glasses or contact lenses. Take good care of your eyes are very necessary and important. Make sure the computer is not too close to your eyes. Take frequent vision breaks to relax your eye muscles. At last make sure your glasses or contact lenses are suitable to your eyes. Hope your eyes could be better soon!

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