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Jada oliver


Can I wear eyeliner when i have pink eye?

It is really poor that i got pink eyes. In this time, can i make up with eyeliner? Any idea?
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  • Mya harris


    You can make up, but just a little. of course, the most safty way is not to make up. If you really want to make up, then do the light makeup, or naked makeup. Anyway, the eye part must be careful when you turn, you had better not make up the inside line which would be infected.
  • Jonah


    According to your words, I can see that your eyes have got a problem. So, for the time being, I suggest that you stay away from eyeliners and some other eye makeups since they could worsen your situation at this point. Due to your eyes sensitivity , you need to give them some space to rest and recover, instead of continue making them up. Anyway, you can wear some nice glasses to beautify yourself.
  • Aaron may


    Hello, you'd better not make up with eyeliners. First, if you still make up with eyeliner,you may have an allergic reaction, the stuff in eyeliner can get into your eyes and if you keep wearing it, your pink eyes may become worse and may be infected. Just take some mediation and soon you will be better. While during this period, you can still ware eye shadow. If you had to make up for some parties, it's fine for you to wear makeup just make sure nobody uses it after you and you throw it away immediately since pink eyes is extremely contagious. And when you get home wash your face extremely well.

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