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Andrea lester


does glaucoma affect both eyes?

If I have glaucoma in one eye, will it also have an effect on the other ?
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  • Vanessa george


    Usually, glaucoma affects both eyes. But sometimes, they develop at the same time. And this is a phenomenon that people have one eye with moderate or advanced glaucomatous damage, and the other eye with very little or none. This phenomenon may cause a confusion that make people mistaken perception that only one eye suffers glaucoma. Anyway, you shall take it seriously and get your eyes treated with the help of eye doctor.
  • Zachary


    Generally speaking, most people will develop glaucoma in one eye, and the other eye also have the chance of developing glaucoma over several years. And some people may develop glaucoma in both eyes, but not at the same time. If you get glaucoma in one eye, you should go to see a doctor to have your affected eye treated. The doctor will also treat your unaffected eye in order to prevent the development of glaucoma.
  • crush_star


    Glaucoma is usually a disease for two eyes, but in general, only one eye has the disease first, it is rarely happen in two eyes, and the length of time is uncertain for two eyes with this disease. When an eye has an acute attack, although another eye has no history of attack, it has the possibility of attack sooner or later. It has reported that about 53% to 68% of people have acute attack, so when one eye has an acute attack, another eye should be treated. In general, you can use pilocarpine 1 to 2 times a day. When the acute eye has recovery after surgery, another eye can have laser iridectomy or laser peripherial iri-dectomy.

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