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How to decorate my sunglasses with rhinestones?

I have a pair of vintage sunglasses and i want to decorate it with rhinestones to make it more beautiful. Can anybody tell me how?
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  • DEREK Garrana


    First of all, you shall observe your sunglasses to decide where you want to bling rhinestones. Then, wipe down the surface that you plan to put with rhinestones. Make marks to show the design of that you want to put rhinestones in. Then, you shall prepare an applicator by warming the wax tip and rolling it into a point. Next, use glue to the marks that you design and apply the rhinestones carefully.
  • maria calderin


    Before you start to place rhinestones on your sunglasses, you should determine where you want to have the rhinestones decorated on. Then you can try setting rhinestones on your sunglasses to see whether you like the design. Before you use glue to stick the rhinestones on your sunglasses, you should clean your sunglasses and dry them off. At last, place a little glue to each stone and then slowly let the stones touch your sunglasses. Let them dry before wearing your sunglasses.
  • Kelley


    That's really a good idea. I have decorated my phone shell a few days ago. It is really not difficult. First, clean your sunglasses with cleaning cloth and cleansing fluid. Second, stick rhinestones on your sunglasses with strong glues. You should pay attention that use tweezers to pick the rhinestones when you stick them on the sunglasses and press for several second. You should display any patterns as you like. Personally speaking, a bowknot is a nice choice, because I have seen many stars like Lady gaga worn that kind of glasses on magazines before.