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What are some stylish glasses frames for women?

I want some stylish women glasses frame. What styles do you recommend?
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    Rimless eyeglass frames are very fashionable for women because they make women look more delicate and fashionable. frameless glasses are invisible on women's faces, which make their face more deliate. And the most eye-catching part of rimless glasses is the temples due to the exquisite design. frameless glasses also add the trendy element in its design, which make many women follow the trend to wear rimless glasses.
  • eatmyhartout


    Now, stylish glasses frames become diverse. So, there are several types of fashion frames. In details, some young girls like big frames glasses. Still some college students prefer some geek and nerd glasses frames. Still some nostalgia people are found of retro style glasses frames. And some bold and flower designed are also widely spread by some chic girls. So, i think you shall choose the best suitable one for stylish look.

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