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Allison leslie


Do you think nerdy glasses cool or not?

I found these big nerdy glasses are quite popular now. But someone with nerd glasses really make me want to pull them off. How do you think nerdy glasses? Cool or not?
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  • Mackenzie


    Yes. I think nerd glasses are very cool. Nowadays nerd glasses gain its popularity among people of all ages especially young adults and teens. Some people even wear nerd glasses without lenses. nerd glasses are kind of funny which make people notice you easily. If you love the style of these funny glasses, you can also try them on to see whether they can show your personality and flatter your appearance.
  • Jada shelley


    It seems that nerdy glasses are very popular in this year especially for young girls. In fact, i also see many young girls look very cute and lovely with nerdy glasses. But i also see some adult, especially some men wearing nerd glasses. It is looks mature, gentle and handsome. So, i think nerdy glasses is a really contradiction items. Maybe The look with nerdy glasses depends on who wear it and how to match with clothes.