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leigh sehr


How to clean my rudy project sunglasses?

I want to take good care of my rudy project sunglasses? How can i clean my sunglasses and make them last longer?
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  • Karen


    Well, to clean the Rudy project sunglasses, you should follow some steps. For example, if the lens is merely dirty and not covered in abundant grease and grim, you can use a good quality linen or cotton cloth which will work wonders. Then, you can also use some resolution to clean it one more time. For the surface of the nose pad, you can also soak them for a couple of hours in warm water to loosen the residue. Then it will be easy to gently brush away the unwanted dirt with an old soft bristle brush or old toothbrush. Anyway, you should do the entire task in a gentle way so that you will not damage your sunglasses.
  • emptyheading


    To clean rudy project sunglasses is easy. It is like you do to your regular sunglasses, First, blow off any particles on your sunglasses. Then wash it with mild soap and warm water. Wipe dry with your sunglasses cleaning cloth. You must remember not wipe your sunglasses with paper towels or your T-shirt if you want to keep good of your sunglasses.
  • Faith


    You may just use the clean water to wash the rudy project sunglasses. If there is the oil splash on the lenses, you could use the little amount of cleaning agent to get it off. Then just use the clean cloth to dry the sunglasses. However, if you want to make them last longer, you'd better find a glasses case to put it when you don't use them.
  • Dan Samberg


    First, you should prepare two pieces of softly fiber cloth. Second, bring some water and put some liquid soap into the water. Then put one of the clothes in the water until the cloth is wet through. Third, use the wet fiber cloth to clean the cover of sunglasses. After the cleaning, you can use the dry cloth to clean it again. To take care of your sunglasses, you should wash them regularly and keep them away from sunshine when you are not wearing them because frames are easily fading when they expose to the sun. What is more, you should put your sunglasses in the glass box every time when you put down your glasses. Be careful of using your sunglasses, which may help you take care of them.