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Jose joyce


Why do people wear red tinted glasses?

i just saw some people wear red tinted glasses and it looks a little terrible. Are there special effects of wearing red tinted glasses?
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  • Christine Johnstone


    I wear pink tinted glasses to reduce migraines, and I have been amazed how much different my life is with only one or two major headaches a year. I have a friend who has a blue tint, to lesson the chance of a fit. so tinted glasses are not always a fashion thing.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Maybe it is a little terrible. But it is very attracting, right? People may wear red tinted glasses in some special occasion like theme parties. Besides, red tinted eyeglasses can increase contrast and block blue light, thus to give wearers clear vision. What's more, red tinted eyeglasses have a reputation of being soothing to the eyes. You can wear it when you drive or seeing computer screen to reduce eyestrain.
  • Aaron lewis


    Red tinted glasses often refer to rose or pink tinted glasses. People with those red tinted glasses look kind of attractive and they are eye-catching, so people can notice them easily. Besides, red tinted eyeglasses can help make the contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions. That is to say, red tinted glasses can enhance contrast sensitivity.
  • tuener


    I just want to say that different people have different taste and fit for different kind of things. You may think it terrible to wear red tinted glasses, but in fact some models and stars like them very much, often wearing them to attend some shows. They are attractive. You can get glasses according to your own taste. You can also try more types of glasses, and you may find something fit you better. What's more, tinted lens glasses can reduce dazzling lights.