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Christina keith


Is there a cure for blocked tear ducts?

Can blocked tear duct cured? Any suggestion?
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  • Paige


    The answer is yes. It can be cured obviously. As we know, the tear ducts sit near corner of the eyelids which is close to the part of nose. Sometimes the duct may have the blockage which will cause a person to have excessive tearing and frequent eye infections. There are some measures to get rid of it effectively. First, you can massage and pulse gently from the inner corner of the eye down and across to the bridge of the nose, which has an effect of stimulating the duct and breaking up the blockage. In addition, you could also do the compress on the inside corner of the eye which will absolutely help you do the break the blockage in the duct. However, it the symptom is still exist or even get worse, you'd better go to hospital to take a physical check in consideration of your health.
  • Sara nelson


    Don't worry about it. It can be treated. It is very possible for some infants to suffer from the blocked tear duct. Tear is vital for eyes, which can kill bacteria in eyes, lubricate and nourish eyes. Tears are produced by dozens of glands in eyelids. They are drained away through inner corner of eyes, into nasal passage. People with blocked tear duct usually have extremely watery eyes and green-blue secretion in eyes. There are two simply home remedies recommended to you, massage and warm compress. Both could effectively help break the blockage. You can have a try. Gentle massage the nasal corner of eyes works especially for infants.
  • Michelle


    Generally the treatment of blocked tear duct depends upon the cause of it. And you may need several specific treatments to cure your blocked tear duct. Antibiotic eyedrops are suggested if your blocked tear duct is result from an infection. If your blocked tear duct is caused by the growth of tumors, the remove of the tumor will cure the blocked tear duct. Babies' blocked tear duct does not need treatment any more and will disappear on its own. For blocked tear duct related to facial injuries, conservative treatment is suggested for when the injuries get better the blocked tear duct will disappear as well. For partially blocked duct, techniques like dilation, probing and irrigation are not bad choices. Ballon catheter dilation is effective treatment for the blocked tear duct caused by scarrin and inflammation.

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