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Are lenses more expensive than frames?

I just wonder which part is more expensive, eyeglasses lenses, or eyeglasses frames? Is there anywhere i can get cheap but good quality eyeglasses?
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  • Katelyn


    As to your question about which part is more expensive, I think that it depends. Eyeglasses frames and eyeglasses frames are all indispensable to a pair of desirable eyeglasses. We can see that when we are buying a pair of eyeglasses we have to take into consideration the prices of both eyeglasses frames and eyeglasses lenses. More often than not eyeglasses frames and eyeglasses lenses cost the same money. And if you do not have much money you'd better spend more money on eyeglasses lenses which are more important to eye health. Speaking of cheap but good quality eyeglasses, you can find a lot online. Many a eyeglasses store online sell high-quality eyeglasses frames and lenses with rather low prices where you can pick anyone that suits you.
  • Christina


    I think there are many factors taken into consideration when the prices of eyeglasses are determined. It is hard to tell which part of a pair of glasses is more expensive. Even with same material, different brands have totall distinct prices. To buy cheap eyeglasses with good quality, I recommend you to shop on line. I always shop on line for everything, clothes, shoes, sofa, wall paper and of course my eyeglasses. As technology develops, more and more people prefers to shop on line for its convenience and better price. These on-line shops provide various brands, styles, qualities, levels and colors of eyeglasses. You can return the glasses if you don't like it after received. It is really convenient. Click and it comes. Have a try and you will love it just I do. There are some promotions sometimes that you can have a free piece. Good luck.
  • Brandon


    It depends on your choices. Personally, both eyeglasses frames and lenses are expensive. You know, for some brands eyewear. Their eyeglasses frames charges for hundreds dollars. From this point, their eyeglasses are more expensive than some plano lenses and low index lenses. However, there are some place offer cheap eyeglasses that only charges less than one hundred dollars. You can even search some eyeglasses about 10 dollars online. If you compared the prices between such eyeglasses frames and some good lenses. Of courses, the eyeglasses are more expensive. Besides, if you buy some good lenses such as polycarbonate lenses or high index lenses like 1.74 etc, they are expensive, at lest for me.
  • Victor Lee


    As far as I am concerned, frame is a little bit cheaper than lenses. Actually different types of frames and lenses have different price. Like titanium frame and 1.74 index lenses are much more expensive comparing to plastic frame or 1.50 index lenses.
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  • henny


    In my experience, the frames are more expensive because they are a designer brand, but the quality of the frames is also better. The designs of the frames are very unique and the attention to detail on them is incredible compared to budget frames.
  • camille


    are lense expensive than frmes