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Fari Tackaberry


Can pollen cause eye irritation?

Is pollen cause eye irritation? If so, how can i prevent it?
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  • walerie


    Yes. Pollen is a kind of allergen, which can cause allergies for some people. Especially in spring, a lot of people see doctor because of pollen allergies. Allergic to pollen can cause some uncomfortable feeling of skin and eyes. Stay inside during peak pollen season to avoid it. If you are allergic to pollen, wear wraparound sunglasses when you must be out.
  • Victor


    Yes. pollen can cause eye irritation to some people, but not all. When the pollen in the air, allergic people will suffer itchy, swollen and even watery and burning eyes. Usually, pollen allergy will happen to both eyes at the same time. But there are exception, some people may just suffer irritation in one eye. Anyway, it is really uncomfortable for allergic people. To prevent it, you can use Over-the-counter antihistamines that may help you reduce the discomfort. If it doesn't work, you may turn to a a stronger medicine.
  • Riley


    Ok, it seems that you are anxious of getting irritated by those pollen in the wild. Anyway, it is true that people's immune systems and physique differ from person to person, and that is why some people are likely to get eye irritation or allergic reactions to pollen, and suffer a lot from it. What I recommend is to improve your immunity by getting more exercise and vitamin pills, and most importantly, try to avoid those places.