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Can allergies cause bad vision?

I got a allergies and my eyes feel so bad. I worried about it. Will it cause make my vision poorer? Any suggestion?
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  • emi47678


    Yes, the allergies will be bad for your eyes and make the vision become poorer. You need to use the warm compress by finding the hot water and clean cloth to release the symptom. You could also use some eyes drops to make your eyes feel comfortable. You should also keep notice of your diet which should be balanced to avoid the allergic symptom.
  • Armand


    Oh, looks like your eyes have been irritated by some allergic reactions. I used to get those problems and they drove me crazy from time to time. Both my eyes and my nose got some serious problems!!! Anyway, it would be wise for you not to rub your eyes. And generally speaking, those allergies would not decrease your vision, don't worry about it. What you need is just more attention to your health in the future. Some anti-allergic and antibiotic medications would be useful.