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Dixie Mentry


My vision is blurry after focusing close up?

I just found that after my eyes are focused on something close for a long time, when I look at distance, they will become blurry. And it takes several minutes to go normal. Is there anything wrong with my eyes?
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  • Gabriel peters


    It is quite normal and there is no need to worry about it. When you focus on something close up, your eyes have to contract itself for the distance. If you stare at something for too long but look up to distance quickly, the eyes have to relax. But usually the relaxing takes more time than contracting. So you will feel blurry for a short time then go back to normal soon.
  • abbyabbie


    It is quite normal. You are over reacted. When you shift your eyes from something close up to distance quickly, the eye muscles and lens also have to adjust themselves to find the focus. But it takes some time to do it so you will feel blurry during this time.
  • everybody_cares


    There is nothing wrong with your eyes. It is quite normal because your eyes need time to adjust if you switch from close up to far very quickly. I have the same problem as you. And my doctor told me there is no problem with my eyes.
  • chronojwl


    Focusing on something close for a long time will make your eye muscles contract. If you look at distance, your eye muscles need time to relax. So you will get blurry vision for a short time. Reading very close will make this problem more noticeable, so you'd better read further away at a sensible distance.