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Aaron may


How does eye palming improve your vision?

I just wonder how eye palming improve one's vision. Isn't it the same as just closing your eyes?
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  • Sue Livingston


    It was said it can improve your vision. There is record saying that in 1930s, a teacher used Bates eye palming to treat 2180 students and almost 45% of them could get rid of glasses finally. Then eye palming is popular among people. I believe it can improve your vision if you can insist it year by year.
  • Ariana kirk


    I don't think it can improve the vision, it is just a good way to relax your eyes. Some people do it because they just enjoy the process of relaxation. You should not rely on it to improve your vision.
  • Michelle percy


    If you don't believe it, it won't make any difference for you. I don't know why just closing the eyes can improve our vision, it seems nonsense. But it is quite useful to relax our eyes.
  • Randy C


    Most of the poor vision is caused by excessive eye fatigue. Palming is a technique that is used to relax the eyes. Doing eye palming correctly can enough rest in a short time and your vision can be improved in flashes. If you insist on doing it, these improvements can last longer and become greater over time.

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