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How many types are there for vision insurance plans?

I am considering buying a vision insurance but I have no idea about it. How many types are there for vision insurance plans?
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  • Robert ja


    There are two kinds of vision insurance plans. One is vision benefits package. You only need to pay an annual premium or membership fee ranging from $0 to $35 and a co-pay of $10 to $15 for each network service. Another type is the discount vision plan, which offers a fixed discount for eye care after enrolled members have paid for an annual premium or membership fee. Both kinds of vision insurance meet different requirements and customers can be school districts, unions, and companies.
  • John clark


    Vision insurance plans usually cover two types, one is vision benefits package and the other is discount vision plan. A vision benefits package means that you only pay a co-pay for your eye exam with the balance to be paid by your plan. In a vision discount plan, you must pay fully for services, which is lower than the normal price.