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Isabelle garcia


Can eye patch on one eye make another eye stronger?

My left eye is weaker than my right eye. My doctor told me to put an eye patch on the right eye and use the left eye only. Then the left eye will be stronger. Is that true?
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  • arnold


    Maybe it is bacause you use your right eye more often than your left eye. Or it may be caused by other eye problems. In this case, you should go to see an eye doctor and have your eyes checked.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    If you have lazy eye and are still in your teens, patching is the gold standard to try and improve vision. When you put a patch over the good eye the bad will learn to compensate by itself. But if you are nearsighted, it won't make any difference. You just need glasses.
  • Isabel cook


    Yes, I think it is true. I have seen many pirates used this technique for seeing in the darkness of their ships at night stemming the pirate eye patch image, but it is only in the film. LOL
  • handsome_fuck


    Maybe it does work for you. Eye patch can be especially useful for children and teenagers. If you are adults, eye patching is not going to help you very much. But you can still have a try.
  • Eminda Cao


    Yes,eye patch on one eye make another eye stronger.

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