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Alexa murphy


Can salmonella cause eye infection?

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  • c_wilde


    There is no doubt that salmonella is possible to cause eye infection. Eye infection are often caused by germs and bacteria enter eyes. Some eye diseases are also causes of eye infection, such as blepharitis, pink eye, black eye as well as allergy. Salmonella is a genus , which are usually due to poor kitchen hygiene, infected food, often gaining an unusual look or smell, polluted surface water and standing water. Salmonella infections are zoonotic and can be transferred between humans and nonhuman animals. Eye infection has a high rate of being caused by Salmonella. So personal hygiene and good quality food are really important for your health.
  • Jada


    Ok, I believe that you are worried about the specific bacterium. But from what I know, it is primarily got transmitted through foods or something, which means that the possibility that it gives rise to eye infection is quite low. However, we must try to keep our body healthy and make sure we don't get those stuff. And you have to make clean and proper use of your eyes to prevent those bacteria.
  • Gabriella


    Yes, salmonella will cause the eye infection because of the coming invisible bacterium. At the same time, the eyes will get dry and uncomfortable. It is said that salmonellosis of genus enterobacteriaceae pathogen, gram-negative enterobacteriaceae have found nearly one thousand kinds of antigenic components which are mainly associated with human disease, first paratyphoid, a bacillus, mouse typhoid and paratyphoid b, bacillus coli of b, c groups of paratyphoid c coli and pigs cholera bacteria, butyl group of typhoid bacillus coli and enteritis and so on. In addition, salmonella typhi paratyphoid a bacillus coli and paratyphoid b cause human disease, causing disease in livestock and poultry animals such as rats and mice. Sometimes it also can cause pollution to human food and cause food poisoning. The eyes will be dry and get the infection because of it. Thus you should protect the eyes from many aspects, like the lifestyle, diet and so on.

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