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Does acupuncture points work for eye pain?

I got eye pain now and then. Maybe it caused by lots of reading. So, what can i do now? Does acupuncture points help me?
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  • Trinity rose


    Eye pain cannot be avoided in everyone life. Some eye pain just because unreasonable use of eyes. Some are a sign of serious eye disorders. Eye pain can be caused by many eye problems, such as sore eyes, black eyes, blepharitis and pink eye. Acupuncture is the most famous and important treatment option in ancient China, which is as lo the cradle of acupuncture. Acupuncture is broad and profound so that many countries want to seek the reasons around the world. The traditional Chinese doctor will use thin needles to stab acupuncture points on your body to reduce blood pressure and help with chi in a normal circle in your body. But a good and real traditional Chinese doctor is hard to find, so be careful.
  • elstrider


    If you have eye pain now and then, you'd better firstly check out the main reason. Are your eyes dry? Do your eyes get infection because of coming bacterium? You need to do something to calm it down. The acupuncture will help you with your eyes pain because of the massage on the eyes parts. You could also use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation to release the eyes. You could also choose to use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You need to find the clean cloth and warm water to make your eyes feel better. You will find the comfort at the eyes. You should not eat the spicy food to stimulate your eyes nerves and you should have the good rest for the eyes.