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Can dry eyes cause pink eye?

Can dry eyes possible to cause pink eyes? How? If so, any way to stop it?
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  • Zoe may


    Yes, it is possible. With dry eyes, we would feel grittiness and itching in eyes. The vision might be blurred and the eyes are red with bloodshot or dilated blood vessels. As we know, tear plays a vital role in eyes. It can lubricate, nourish and protect eyes. With no adequate tear, it gives the grittiness in eyes. It is very likely to have scratches in eyes for tear fails to wash the dusts out. Tear kills over 90% of bacteria in eyes, which means it protect eyes from infection. If there is no sufficient tear, we are more likely to have eye infection. While pink eye is one kind of eye infection, which occurs to the conjunctivia, the transparent covering in eyes. To help prevent the infection, if it is really related to the eye dryness, you should take some actions to relieve the dryness. Warm compress is a very good remedies to help tear producing and pink eye recovery. You can also apply some salt water as eye drops to lubricate your eyes. Take a light diet with fresh vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamins. Vitamin is very important for eye health.
  • gwynnie


    It's really possible to get pink eyes because of dry eyes. Dry eyes are commonly due to being lack of tears in eyes. Generally speaking, the eye depends on the flow of tears to provide constant moisture and lubrication to maintain vision and comfort. People who suffer dry eye may easily experience pink eyes, redness, sensitive to light, blurry vision and a feeling of foreign matter and sand in eyes. However, you don't need to worry about it in that dry eyes are easy to be healed. Firstly, form good reading habits. No excessive using eyes. If you have already read too much time, you can have a rest as soon as possible. Secondly, drink black tea everyday can help with brighten eyes and relax nerves around eyes. Thirdly, you can also place raw potatoes and cucumber on eyes to reduce tired and swelling around eyes. Finally, you even can use artificial eye drops and ointments to help with dry eyes. Sometimes the oculist will recommend you of taking surgery. Well, surgery must be your last choice.