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Dawn C.


What are estrogen effects on eyes?

Does estrogen affect on eyes? What are the side effects on eyes? Any suggestion?
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  • chemicalumnesnt


    It is true that estrogen may have direct impacts on eye sight. We all know that estrogen plays an important role in eye sight, and different estrogen levels have different influence on eye sight. As for menopause, the decrease in estrogen will appear, which will result in many eye problems. Because of the estrogen deficiency, many sides effects such as dizziness, cataracts, the clouding of the lens of the eye, whites of the eyes, and even sight loss will caused by estrogen. Besides, you may also experience migraine headache, mild dizziness, depression caused by estrogen changes. Therefore, when comes to symptom of lesions of the eye and contact-lens, you can receive estrogentherapy to relieve your eye symptoms. Apart from the effects of estrogen changes on eyes, estrogen may also result in bleeding gums, breakthrough vaginal bleeding, vaginal spotting, changes in menstrual flow, painful menstruation pre-menstrual syndrome, etc. Therefore, it is important to have routine eye exams caused by the estrogen changes.
  • Jose joyce


    It can actually affect on eyes more or less. And different estrogen levels will have different effects, especially of the estrogen deficiency. The clouding of the lenses of the eyes will occurs with the older women who are estrogen deficiency. Meanwhile, the estrogen will indirectly impact vision by alternation of the blood light,blood clotting or vessel walls. Beside, we all know that cataract referring to the opacity of lens is age-related eye disease. Cataract is the leading cause to vision loss or impairment at the same time. It seems no connection with estrogen. But the study shows that women are at higher risk of getting cataract than men who are above 65. And as to women above 65, the ones who take supplement of estrogen are less likely to develop this disease. It is suggestive that estrogen could help keep transparency of lens, which means the estrogen dificiency will increase the odds to get cataract. Thus, you have to keep a balanced amount of estrogen in consideration of your health.