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Makayla raphael


Where can i find glasses like spike lee wears?

Have you seen the glasses that spike lee wears? Do you know where can i find it? Can i just wear it for look?
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  • Lex


    Well, as you can see, spike lee is one of the black directors in America and a hardcore Nicks fan. Anyway, his eyeglasses could sometimes be very attractive and amazing, sometimes he would like to wear big nerd glasses in public in order to appear more cool and magnetic. You could get a lot of them at Walmart online store, which is a good option to you. Of course you could wear it just for look, just get a non prescription nerd glasses and it would be OK.
  • Vanessa george


    As far as i know, spike lee often wear black nerd eyeglasses in most of cases. And this eyeglasses is very common right now with the spread of retro fashion. You can find it at almost every eyeglasses shop. If you have perfect vision and want to wear such eyeglasses only for look, you can buy plano eyeglasses with such eyeglasses frame. It won't affect your vision but bring you a fashion look with eyeglasses. Good luck.

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