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Ryan evelyn


Does anxiety make eye floaters worse?

I have severe myopia and got eye floaters. But in recent days, i noticed that my eye floaters are even more serious. So, does anxiety make eye floaters worse since i am under great pressure in those days?
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  • coloursoflife


    So sorry to hear that anyway. But I think there are nothing to be worried about, you are still alive right? And if possible, just try to get an laser surgery to regain your lost vision. Actually, depression sometimes could indeed affect your floaters and make the situation worse and more serious because your floaters could not only be resulted from serious myopia, but also your mood and mental status. Just try to be happy and receive some mental therapy.
  • Eric rupert


    Yes, anxiety might make eye floaters worse. Or maybe I should put it this way, anxiety makes you more aware of eye floaters. And eye floaters make you more anxiety too. Actually you don't have to worry too much. Eye floater is a very common situation that most of us have experienced. It is usually grey or black specks or clouds or lines in the field of the vision when people are looking at plain area, such as computer screen, blue sky or black wall. First of all, eye floater is very common that you don't have to worry about it too much. For most people, the floaters we saw are the shadow of clumped vitreous gel in our eyes, when the vitreous gel starts to shrink or thicken with aging. Eye floaters are more common to people who have inflammation in the back of eyes, bleeding in eyes or torn retina. Some resources show pregnant women can see these specks too because of trapped protein in eyes. Injury or trauma to eyes can cause such symptom which is usually described as seeing stars. Migraine occurs for brain blood vessels spasm. It can cause eye floaters too, which usually last for 10-15 minutes. Many people just move their ming on something else and then they just didn't notice the floaters any more, although they still exist.

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