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How do people with dry eyes choose contacts?

I've got dry eyes. I need corrected lenses to help with my vision, but I don't want to wear glasses. If I go to select contact lenses, what kind of contacts can I wear for my dry eyes?
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  • b2dar2dai2datt


    People with dry eyes should choose RGP contacts which is the best type of contacts for dry eyes. This kind of contacts won't adsorb the fluid in the eyes to make the dry eyes aggravated. However, some people may find difficult getting used to them. So you'd better ask your eye doctor to recommend some to you.
  • handsome_fuck


    If you want to choose soft contacts for your dry eyes, disposable soft contact lenses will be a better choice. They allow more oxygen to get into your eyes, so this kind of contacts can do good to your dry eyes.
  • andrew


    Daily disposable contacts are good choices for people with dry eyes because they contain more water and have better oxygen permeability. You can also ask your eye doctor which brand he or she recommends.