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Susan Wright


What are the hazards of strabismus?

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  • bell


    First of all, strabismus will affect the appearance, so people with strabismus don't look good, which may cause a nagetive effect on children's mental health. People who have strabismus are usually sensitive and introverted. Next, strabismus will cause amblyopia which is often heavier and hard to cure.
  • misty C.


    First, people with strabismus don't have a good appearance. Second, strabismus can cause amblyopia and low vision. Finally, strabismus can make the function of stereo vision lost, which cannot be recovered and only need the treatment of strabismus.
  • Matthew harris


    Strabismus can affect people's life in many ways, such as low vision, amblyopia, loss of stereo vision. So people who have strabismus should get treatment as early as possible in case they miss the best time to treat them.
  • Zachary


    People with strabismus will not look good in appearance and people may find it very strange when talking to them. The vision is much affected and to avoid visual disturbance, the brain would not accept signal from eyes which result in lazy eyes finally.

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