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What style of sunglasses best fit a long oval face?

I have a long, oval face, with big lips if that matter. What style of sunglasses would look good on me?
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  • Miranda


    I dont think that any of us can tell you what type of sunglasses you can wear. its one of those things like high heels or shoes or jeans. you must try them on and actually look at them and try them on. Remember to bring friends or someone you trust, so you can get their opinion too.
  • chronojwl


    i have a suggestion, find a celebrity that kind of has the same shape face as you and then search them on google images or yahoo or whatever and find a picture of them with sunglasses on then chances are, those sunglasses would look good on you!
  • garcia


    I have an oval face and my sunglasses are more squared at they look great. They balance the oval shape, Aviators may look good too.
  • Connor scott


    Any frame shape will fit a long oval face, like aviator, oval, and square. I think the best frames that will balance out your face are those that are at least as wide as the widest part of your face. Hope this can help you.

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