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How to make your own pinhole glasses ?

Can i make pinhole glasses by my own? If so, how can i make it? Any tips?
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  • Makayla raphael


    It is a difficult question to answer. As to pinhole glasses, it is not so familiar with the public so far. It is also known as stenopeic glasses, working to better the vision by increasing the depth and focus of what we are looking at. It can be used by people with various vision problems. There is a series of small perforations on a opaque plastic in place of each lens. Through narrowing down the light entering into eyes, it increases the depth of vision and reduces the circle of confusion. You can simply use a comb or make a fist to look through the slits, you can find the vision is bettered. The smaller the perforation is, the more expensive the glasses are. You can try to do it yourself at home. You can cut two pieces of card or aluminum foil into the shape of your glasses's lens and make small holes with needle or pin on the card or aluminum foil. You can make many holes or just one in the center, whatever you preferred. Make sure that the holes are round and are 1/8 inch apart from each other. And then replace the original lenses with the cards or foils. You new home-made pinhole glasses are done!
  • casebell


    The pinhole glasses we see are usually made from various types of metal and lens with holes in it to look through. The holes range from big to small. Their shape is different. However, you could only make one hole in the center place where you could look through. To save some money, some people always make them at home. Next I will teach you how to make it. What you need is a pair of glasses or sunglasses that you do not need any more. In addition, you could use flexible card stock or some aluminum foil. A pin is also needed to poke the holes with. I suggest you to use the aluminum foil which may save your energy of using any type of adhesive to keep it on the glasses under normal circumstances. You could just pin one hole to keep your eye sight look through it. You should make sure of the right place of the hole. Then the new pair of pinhole glasses is made. It is the simple way that I suggest. You could have a try.