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Elijah leslie


How long I need to do eye palming before I see signs of eye Improvement?

I decided to improve my vision by eye palming and I want to know how long I need to do them before there are signs of vision improvement?
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  • John clark


    Palming is really a good way to obtain relaxation. In fact, the art of all methods used in the eradication of errors of refraction is the effect of relaxation. By situating the tired eyes in a black and quiet environment, palming can achieve a great degree of eye relaxation. There is no fixed answer to the question “how long should I palm”. Whilst some people find this eye exercise enjoyable once they try it, some others never enjoy it.
  • Kristin


    I think if you are trying to improve your vision by this way, you need to do it day by day, year by year. It will take years before you can see signs of eye improvement.
  • Trinity rose


    Eye palming is effective for teenagers. If you are over the teens, it is better to give up the idea. But eye palming is a good way to relax your eyes and prevent vision from getting worse. If you enjoy the palming process, it is good for you.
  • Emma


    As long as you keep on doing eye palming everyday, you will get vision improvement sooner or later. Palming is a good exercise to relax your eyes. Doing eye palming can make your eyes healthy. Even if it cannot improve your vision, you can benefit more from it.

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