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Matthew baker


Why are there yellow spots on my contact lenses?

Recently I find a few yellow spots on my contact lenses. What are they? Why do they appear on my contact lenses?
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  • Justin williams


    The yellow spots on your contact lenses may come from the dust which has got into the lens material. If you find these yellow spots on your contact lenses, you should go to have your lenses changed.
  • Catherine lewis


    When you have yellow spots on the contact lenses, it is time for you to replace new lenses. The yellow spots are mainly from the dust in the air and accumulate in the lens.
  • cmg6891


    You'd better take your contact lenses out and take them to your optician. The optician will have your lenses checked to find the exact reason. If there is something wrong with your contact lenses, you may need to replace your lenses.

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