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Can eye stye cause headache?

I suffered from eye stye. Now i also get headache. Why? Can eye stye lead to headache? Is this possible?
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  • Dixie Mentry


    Hello, when you get eye stye, the symptoms can include swelling, watering of the eye, and sensitivity to light. And what's more, a common sign of a sty is a small, yellowish spot at the center of the bump that develops as pus expands in the area. And it will cause headache since the never between your eyes and brain is connected, a stye is usually with fever, and headache.
  • Caitlin


    Normally speaking, it is not very common to have headache from a stye but possible. A stye is the the inflammation of blocked oil glands in eyelids caused by acute bacterial infection. You can find a red and big cyst on the infected eyelids. For normal cases, after it is pointing or draining, it would healed out with no need of treatment, but in some serious cases, the stye might linger longer for months. Once you find extremely big cyst on eyelids or your stye is accompanied with fever, headache, loss of appetite or lethargy, you should go to hospital for further examination. In normal cases, warm compress on eyes would help the cyst to break spontaneously. Once the pus is drained, it can heal up. But remember don't squeeze which would possible worsen the infection. As it is bacterial infection, it is contagious, so don't share the towel with others.
  • cliffistheshit


    Yes, your eye stye could cause the headache because of the interlinked eyes nerves. You should use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to get rid of the coming bacterium in your eyes. You may also use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. Your headache could be avoided by the good habits of using eyes.
  • walkidiot


    Yeah, the eye stye will cause headache, because the never of our eyes are connected with that of our head. One large or several small recurring styes, or a stye that accompanies such symptoms as fever, headache, loss of appetite, or lethargy, should be seen by a doctor. If you do not have any other symptoms just styes, the simple routine of applying alternate hot and cold packs may be effective in bringing the stye to a head. Place cotton balls or a small folded washcloth that has been soaked in warm water and wrung out lightly on the affected eye. When this cools, follow the same procedure with an icy cold pack for 10 to 20 minutes. Do not press too hard, and repeat several times a day.

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