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Rick Johnson


What do allergic eyes look like?

How can i tell if someone got allergic eyes? What does allergic eye look like?
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  • Bug


    The allergic eyes are painful and blood shot, even accompany with dry eyes. Once I suffered from the allergic eyes, at first, I feel itchy enough, and I find the eyes swollen after one week. The double-fold eyelids have become swollen to a narrow sew, it turned red just like the crying eyes. It was really ugly and I can not go out to meet my friends. The doctor gave me the dexamethasone eye drops to heal it, after two days, the skin turned to be very dry but with the swollen subsidence. My eyes became red and itchy and no condition to wear contacts. Finally, after one week's treatment with anti-inflammatory eye drops without wearing contacts, and it recovered little by little in the end.
  • clairegriffon


    Allergic eyes are also named allergic conjunctivitis, which occurs if the conjunctiva of your eyes are irritated by some allergens such as pollen and wind. You can tell someone has gotten allergic eyes by the typical symptoms that allergic eyes have. Watery eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes, swelling eyes, sensitiveness to the light of the eye and dry eyes are all potential treats that may be caused by allergic eyes. When someone get allergic eyes he may suffer from one of the symptoms or several symptoms at the same time. And you can also tell him that to get rid of allergens to the eye and to treat the allergic eyes right away is the most recommendable idea.

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