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Riley gary


How to make eyes look more awake in the morning?

I feel tired in the morning and feel difficult to open my eyes. Do you have any idea that can make my eyes more awake in the morning?
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  • emale2222


    The best way to open your eyes easily is to sleep early in the evening. Please do not stay up too late. It is bad to your health. If you find it is hard to sleep well or sound at night, you can take more exercises or physical sports in the daytime. The labor physical body will make the serenity to your mental condition. The long time and tired work needs the sound sleep most. Lack of sleep will also cause the dry eye and shot blood eyes, especially the person who stays up all night. It will lead the anoxia to the blood vessels of eyes. The problem is a signal that mentions you both your body and the eyes need more relax of sleep. They are reluctant to get up.
  • everybody_cares


    All right, I quite understand your feeling, because it really annoys us to have sleepy eyes in the morning. Well, generally speaking, that was due to some lack of sleep, red eyes, or other physical disorders, which could be solved in a natural way, such as take more exercise, have a nutritious diet, get a balance between life and work, etc. Just take it easy and try not to use any drugs. For there would be some side effects on your health.
  • etherealfreak


    I also have such experience before. I choose to have a cup of coffee with milk after I get up. This is really effective which will make my eyes not be in the tired state. You could also run for a while which will also make you be awake. In a word, you need to do something that can make your spirit high. You should try the above ways.

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